Skills and Services

Mechanical Design

  • 3D design with Solid Edge and SolidWorks
  • Enclosure designs
  • Mechanism design
  • Chemical Compatibility studies and material selection services
  • Electronic packaging design
  • Design for thermo-forming and injection molding

Industrial Design

  • Human factors engineering for medical products
  • Enclosure designs for superior ergonomics and aesthetics
  • Product design for better manufacturability and field service

Product Specification Design

  • Development of product specifications for medical, industrial and avionics products to meet FDA, FAA, FCC, and ASME standards
  • Development of design, manufacturing and testing Specifications

Documentation Development

  • User manual development
  • Service manual development
  • Development of end user training material
  • Development of sales and service personnel training material
  • Development of marketing material

Electronic Design

  • Microprocessor based electronics design at component level
  • PC based system design at board level as well as custom interface board design
  • Modular RF, IR data link design

Software Design

  • Assembly Language programming
  • C, C++ programming for embedded and PC based custom applications
  • Windows CE based product development
  • LabView programming
  • Data Acquisition and data analysis algorithm development

Optical Design

  • Optical design for chemical analyzers from ultra violet to infrared range
  • Optical design for CCD, solid state diodes, and PMT detectors for colorimetric, optical density, fluorescence and fluorescence polarization analysis

Our Technologies

  • Embedded Microprocessor Based Systems
  • RF data link over 500’
  • X-Y-Z and Rotary mechanisms
  • Temperature and pressure measurements and control
  • Infrared thermometry for medical and industrial applications
  • Circulation therapy devices
  • Tissue Processing Systems
  • Tissue Embedding Center
  • Slide Stainers
  • Re-circulation and floatation water baths